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Last day of operation in our current space: June 14th 2023. Order ahead and be nice to our hard-working team.

Breezy Town Pizza is Midwestern pan pizza, Windy City Pie’s younger sibling.

We have bittersweet news to share with our community: Breezy Town Pizza will cease operations at Clock-Out Lounge on June 14. We are sorry to be leaving a space where we’ve shared so many positive experiences and memories over the last five years. Introducing Seattle to a new spin on Detroit-style deep-dish pizza and being part of Beacon Hill’s vibrant food and music scene, has meant the world to me and to my entire team. Our incredible customers have invigorated us since we launched in 2018, enjoying shows, celebrating milestones, and even getting married at Breezy Town. Your love of this pizza and our community means everything to us. We hope to see all of you over the next two weeks!

Breezy Town Pizza is not going away – I am excited to announce that later this year we’re planning to expand Windy City Pie’s existing menu of deep-dish and tavern-style offerings to include Breezy Town’s sourdough pizzas. I offered our talented and passionate Breezy Town staff positions at Windy City Pie and I’m elated that many of them will be coming over. With our larger staff, we intend to expand Windy City Pie’s hours to expand lunch service beyond just weekends. This will take some time to accomplish as it’s a big feat to merge restaurants. We appreciate your patience as we work to ensure our staff and customer base can support these shifts.

Operating a small business is a labor of love, and my friends and family know that I’ve long referred to Windy City Pie and Breezy Town Pizza as my two pizza children. Due to personal family matters and other assorted complications, it is unfortunately time to focus fully on one location instead of operating BTP and WCP as cross-town siblings. I’m grateful to Clock-Out Lounge for making Breezy Town possible, and I’m excited to pour all my energy into our enhanced operations at Windy City Pie in Phinney Ridge.

I hope Breezy’s dedicated customers will come see us at Windy City Pie – I might even join you at the bar for a shot of Malört.

Dave Lichterman
Founder, Breezy Town Pizza & Windy City Pie


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